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Welcome to Sublime Connection, and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you have a pleasant experience on our website. We have taken great care in crafting our story, it is, after all, at the heart of our brand.

We are here to assist you to just as carefully craft your story, as it too is at the center of your story. Our Brands are dynamic ever evolving representations of our businesses and the culture we instill in them. It is the reason our customers identify with us, buy from us and interact with us through various mediums.

“we become what we practice everyday”- a mentor

We are a woken organisation, and you will see as you browse this site, that there is a strong affiliation for cloud based digital platforms to facilitate outbound advertising campaigns, capture inbound volume via chat medium specifically (warm lead), assist the potential customer to complete a single or multiple transactions (converted lead), and then maintain the newly acquired customer on an ongoing basis (customer).

Our skills are digital, and honed specifically around acquiring the right leads for our customers and their product suites. Without leads there are no sales, and without sales there is no business.

An integral part of this value chain, is the payment gateway portion, where digital transactions either fail miserably or succeed in delighting our customers. A shop that doesn’t successfully transact is also superfluous, so this portion is critical.

Sublime Connection collaborates with only the best Integrators in this space, as we are reliant on delighting our customers by choosing the right vendors on their behalf. And off course we get paid based on the success or failure of our campaigns.

Our portfolio is diverse,  certain skills were honed through participating in various start-ups in sales and business development specifically, always at the coal face of finding leads, pitching product, closing the deal, and then getting customers to buy more.

If you are wanting to explore different methods of engaging with and delighting your customers, get in touch, we would love to assist you in this exciting journey.

“to begin we must begin” – A lifetime ago….

To get the conversation started, we have the following options for you.


™ Facebook’s Messenger App ™ As you can see from the infographic below, Facebook’s Messenger is a very widely used application. Combined with Facebook’s strict security and army of engineers at the platforms beck and call, this ubiquitous 3rd party application is very useful, nice and secure and best of all FREE…..

It however doesn’t work in isolation, and when paired with an effective Facebook Business Page and a well thought out digital advertising campaign, excellent costs per lead rates are achieved. Throw in a decent web presence to build some links between mediums, and your lead funnel is now significantly wider cast then e-mails and cold calling of your telephony environment.

There is already some automation available for you to start testing the waters around your customers and automated messaging or BOTS. Dont ever assume that they will be comfortable with chatting to a BOT, rather ask, politely, with the tools available to you through the platform.

The drawbacks are that running an environment like this is a full-time position within a business environment, the hungry content engine that is Facebook demands ongoing payment for your content, and gives you very little say in where your content is shown. Added to this, the specialist skills required to build these campaigns being costly, and sparsely available.

Messenger none the less presents very appetising reach numbers at very low infrastructure costs and high security levels, and cannot be ignored.

Global Monthly Active Users - ChatApps vs e-mail

MAU – Monthly Active User


WhatsApp™ Me

One of the most exciting 3rd Party Chat Applications available globally at the moment. It’s standalone, and does not need a Facebook Page or a Webpage to get started with a Digital Conversation.

Totally ubiquitous, and all mobile phones that ship globally now have WhatsApp™ deployed natively. The application allows for rich media, video and voice to be exploited, and is notorious globally for being data lean and very secure.

Like Messenger™, an army of engineers make sure that WhatsApp™ is well maintained and very secure, making it a natural contender for communication mediums to use when compliance is an absolute must.

Again, this application has massive reach, is very secure and is FREE…

Mail me: brennan@sublimeconnection.co.za

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