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Where they are, on the medium they have chosen.

How your customers want to communicate with you is key. And the only way you can test which method they want to use, is by testing the market, asking them questions, and then listening to what they say.

Be it designing and building a web portal, a social media page or any other means, we assist in advising which tools to use, integrating them into your systems and training your team on how to use them effectively helping with your #digitaltransformation.

In a Digital Age, an organisation usually starts with a  #multichannel approach. They invest in a  WebPage, a Facebook Business Page and a LinkedIn Business Profile. These are similar to your flyers, posters and newspaper inserts of old, it’s the way you get the message out there. A #multichannel approach is a great way to test the market, and see what your customers or leads respond to, and where you find them on-line.

Multiple Channels dictates that you need to man the WebChat/Chat/e-mail/phone/social-media and SMS Channels to ensure that any customers who are choosing to reach out are assisted timeously, and then off course the practicality of completing a transaction on the customer or leads chosen medium of communication needs to be taken into account.

At Sublime Connection we help you to decide on a strategy that is right for what you are wanting to achieve, assist to devise a plan, help to implement the plan, and then if you so wish to manage and maintain the planned strategy.

Channels InfographicUsing Google Tools like Google Ads

1200px-Google_Ads_logo.svg      will allow you to advertise your physical location and all your contact details as well as details about your product or service.

Sublime Connection will assist with again formulating a strong content strategy, ensuring that you show both organic and paid growth, researching keywords and phrases to assist to get the right traffic at the right price for your needs, and using tagging tools to gain insights into what can be done better by analysing what your customers are doing and what they want.

However unless you are a destination store or business, you still need to be able to communicate with potential customers. So you are now sitting with more potential customers, but the same ways to get in touch with you.

You take the plunge and start to look at getting your message out there to an even bigger audience, and Social Media fits that bill perfectly. So you go to all the time and effort to create and maintain a page, and make sure that you have all the necessary setting configured in the event that a potential customer wants to get hold of you.

As you can see, these platforms use chat mediums rather than voice or e-mail as a communication medium, which has evolved into what is termed #conversationalcommerce, a term first coined by Uber’s Chris Messina in 2015 has gained plenty of traction as a prefered method of communicating with Business over Voice and e-mail.

These mediums are very effective and offer an excellent ROI if implemented and used correctly, or you can irritate and alienate a large number of potential customers in a short space of time.

Dont delay, contact us now to get the #conversationalcommerce started properly and with excellent guidance.